V3 Shooting – Day 2

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We shot a party scene last night. Lots of extras and lots of rain! Crew and cast really rose to the occasion. We moved fast and efficient but had to rework the entire outdoor scene because of the rain. Kudos to those on the crew who stood in the rain for the good of the project. We could not have gotten the shots without the sacrifices. Our two male leads got to speak on camera for the first time last night and Cole looked like he’d been in a car crash by the time Chris T finished with the FX make-up. Then we shot in a bedroom for two hours where it was easily 100 degrees with all the lights and people. We had fun with a dance party scene and thanks to Cameron for spinning the tunes – great vibe and the no one seemed bothered by the steadicam tracking through the crowd. We wrapped at 1pm and had several meetings to coordinate the next few days. Got home at 2:30 and backed up the footage to two additional hard drives but the Internet was down so I am just getting this note out now. Bed at 3:34am and up at 8am. Day three starts in 3 hours! No rest for the weary. Filmmaking is definitely for the young!