A day off

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Today was our first day off since we started shooting last week. It came at a great time as the crew was wearing down. The Sony F3 with S-log continues to create some very cinematic images but the all digital workflow always feels a bit precarious. Case in point, one of the Solid State Drives (SSD) with all the master footage from yesterday failed this morning and is already on it’s way back to Newegg. Fortunately we had already backed the footage up to our archive drive late last night so nothing was lost but the story would have had a different ending if we had waited until this morning to do our first backup. Saturday we did a double shift – we started at an office location on campus and then took a 2.5 hour break before regrouping for a night shoot near the fairgrounds. Sunday we shoot at the food bank and used the 30 feet of dolly track for the first time. S-log creates a very flat and often a very dark master image so behind the scenes we continue to experiment with color grading to confirm that once editing is completed we will be able to restore the beauty hidden deep within this filming technique. So far, so good. Today Mark and I developed the shot lists for the next two days of shooting. We’re going to utilize the jib arm and steadicam in this next series so we continue to find inventive ways to keep the actors in motion during their scenes. We’re looking forward to prepping some quick edits so that we can share some footage with the crew in the near future.