Kevin Whitaker

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About ten weeks ago we were entering the final stages of pre-production and still had a lot of items to check off our list. Searching for some answers lead me to Kevin Whitaker’s office next to the TV studio on the ground floor of Bouillon Hall. I had met him casually a few times during the previous months following his return from medical leave but I had never really had the opportunity to chat at length with him. He invited me into his office and I explained our film project – he was thrilled that we were taking on such an ambitious project and wanted to know what he could do to help. I hit the highlights of our punch list and he said we should take a walk… over the next two hours he showed me rooms we could use as possible locations, equipment we could borrow, and introduced me to people who might have other helpful ideas. He offered rigging and materials from the studio and even entertained the idea of playing a small role in the film. I should have shot that first… And from that day on, every future request from the film crew was greeted with a sincere, “Whatever you need”. And he delivered. Every time. No one on campus seemed to care more about making sure we had what we needed to finish this project. No one! Kevin lost his battle with cancer a few hours ago. The slide back into illness happened so fast. There is no understanding why good people are taken from us early but hopefully it reminds us to live every day like it’s your last. The V3 cast and crew want to express their gratitude to Kevin for believing and supporting our small film project. He acted as our guardian angel when it was needed most and was gracious with our every request. He was our friend and he will be missed. R.I.P. Jon Ward – producer/director of V3