V3 – Feature film (Thriller/Sci-Fi/Drama) – Completed 2013 

Tyler, a young man tormented by his own past, recruits four other grad students to help build a hi-tech device that he hopes will bring him some some closure and emotional relief. But it soon becomes clear that the invention is dangerous and can easily be misused. His plans are further derailed when federal agents learn of the creation and, believing it has national security implications, descend on the secret lab intent on taking control of the machine. Now our hero must decide how to escape the situation without handing his invention over to the feds. Either way it becomes clear to him that the truth is hard to find in a world full of lies. 

The crew consisted entirely of undergraduate film students and the original score was written and recorded by professor John Pickett and graduate students from the music department. The film was primarily cast out of the greater Ellensburg area and the film was shot entirely in Kittitas County, WA. Visit IMDB for more info and to rate the film.